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Project: picassogarmentrepair.com/

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  • Date Of Project: 2014-02-25
  • Project Description: With many years of experience in working at Fermosa Chemicals & Fibre Corporation (FCFC) in his home country, Taiwan, Mr Lin Ching Han understood that in the process of fabric knitting, dyeing and finishing, fabrics are liable to face uneven dyeing, colour points, foreign matters and numerous other defects. He was inspired to make use of the prevailing resources and expertise combined with the colour repair technology and founded the first repair plant in Taiwan in 1979. Subsequently, a leading global brand of apparel invited Mr Lin Ching Han to Germany on a colour shading repair assignment which he completed to the greatest satisfaction and amazement of the technologically advanced Germans. His unparalleled technique and skills won him a great deal of praise and appreciation from the European clients as well. In 1993, after much experience and recognition at home and outside, Picasso Group set up its first foreign branch in Malaysia. Encouraged by the positive response from Malaysia, it has succeeded in establishing a network of eight branches in seven countries over the last three decades. A timeline of Expansion of the Picasso Group of Companies: Our Presence in Asia 1979 The first Picasso Plant was opened in Taoyuan, Taiwan by the founder Mr Lin Ching Han. 1984 The second Picasso branch was set up in Tainian, Taiwan. 1993 Picasso Malaysia - the first international branch. 2002 Picasso Indonesia 2003 Picasso Shanghai, China 2005 Picasso Colombo, Sri Lanka 2009 Picasso Chittagong, Bangladesh

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