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Project: beachvillanegombo.com/

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  • Date Of Project: 0000-00-00
  • Project Description: The Managing Director Mr. D. Nissanka started this establishment in 1990. He started his life as a Building Inspector in the Public Works department in the year 1965. He resigned from the government service in 1978 and went to work in Africa. During President Idiamin’s reign he was in Uganda. Then with the war in Uganda he was hiding in the largest National Park (Kabalga Falls National Park) for two months experiencing an unforgettable event in his life story. With difficulty he had managed to escape to Kenya. He worked as a civil engineering contractor for two years, and as he was interested in nature travelling, finally he made his destination in the travel trade following a Tour Guide lecturers course conducted by the Ceylon Tourist Board. Then he established a small guest house called “Beach Bangalow” and built his own place "Beach Villa". He had a vast experience about Sri Lankan culture and history. He became a popular tour guide and then he started working as a freelance tour guide in a leading travel agency “The Jetwing Travels”. He became popular and managed to get good contacts from all over the world. He became very popular in Sweden as he helped many adopted children in Sweden to find their biological parents, in Sri Lanka. A Swedish T.V. channel wanted to make a documentary film and the Swedish T.V. staff visited Sri Lanka to make the film and accompanied the biological parents with Mr. Nissanka to Sweden for a live program that was broadcasted in Sweden, where for the 1st time the child met the parent. The T.V. program was a popular one in Sweden called (Sparlost Frosrunnen) tracing the lost years, which was done in a studio in Stockholm. Mr. Nissanka is involved in many similar programs and travels a lot around the world. Now he has made Beach Villa,a very popular place for the tourists and is recommended in many guide books including the lonely planet.

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