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Project: Marist Brothers South Asia

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  • Date Of Project: 0000-00-00
  • Project Description: We each have our own experience of being a Marist educator in the Champagnat tradition. Each country where we are present has its own Marist history. As an international family we have a history and a tradition. We know that we have received a great gift in the person of Marcellin and in his educational intuitions and those of Marist educators since him. We want to be faithful to this heritage in a dynamic way. Europe during Marcellin’s life time, 1789 to 1840, was the scene of great cultural political and economic upheavals, a time of crisis in society and in the church. This was the context in which he grew up and was educated, the setting which elicited his response of founding the Institute of Little Brothers of Mary, known as the Marist Brothers.

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